We’re Cesar and Diana, and we are based in Ontario, Canada.  We design, create and produce custom prints.
We first started 3D printing  in 2018 when we realized that we couldn’t find certain parts for repairs around the house. And if we did, they were CRAZY expensive. We started with a starter gear for our lawn tractor, then our washing machine dial/knob went. We printed wire tab indicators, hinges, water line brackets, USB and SD slot holders, shelves and the ‘L’ brackets to hold the shelves, little mini drawers and many more cool gadgets.

Eventually we migrated from practical prints and started tinkering with design, and prop prints, like miniatures, all types of plant holders, and of course a solid Baby Yoda phase. 
Along the way we started sharing our designs and prints with friends and realized how many people were super intrigued by 3D printing and we set a goal to make it easily accessible to anyone who was interested.

Ready to not only help our friends and family, but to help your dreams and ideas come to life. 
Proceeds from sales are distributed to those who help us with our designs and to our families in Venezuela as well as other Venezuelan communities.



what we do

We work together to design, create and produce custom prints for wonderful people like you. No worrying about trying to decide what printer to buy, what filament to use, or even learn new software. Just an idea to produce something you can hold, enjoy and put to use.

Proceeds from sales are distributed to those who help us with our designs and to our families in Venezuela as well as other Venezuelan communities.

why we do it

Looking for custom made prints? Do you need something printed but don’t have a printer?
Look no further – we are here to meet your needs and wants. We are a print service looking to bring the joy of 3D printing to everyone.
3D printing has brought our family a lot of fun and joy, as well as solved many practical issues we’ve encountered while also helping make our lives easier.
We feel that everyone should have access to 3D printing and that is what we are striving to do.

3D Printing

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From miniatures to cosplay props – whether you are looking for a standard model or something customized and personalized for your needs, we want to make it happen for you.



Our pricing is highly competitive and we are always happy to provide free quotes and answer any questions.Please feel free to contact us today for a free quote and we’ll be happy to work with you.

We have six printers. four FDM printers: an Ender 3, a Prusa MK3, and two CR-10-S5, and two resin printers: AnyCubic Photons
We use many types of filament, such as ABS, ASA. PETG, PLA and FLEX.
The most commonly used filament is PLA which is eco-friendly biodegradable plastic. But don’t worry – this non-toxic plastic is very strong and durable.
For our resin printer we use a water-washable Elegoo grey photopolymer resin.

Our CR10s have a large print surface meaning we can print X-Large objects. The print capacity is 500x500x500mm.
Our Photons are a standard 115x65x155mm

We have all types of colours available, but if we don’t have it in stock – we will order it for you.

Free & Paid STL Files, Search for a product you want and send us the link. We would be happy to print it for you.
· (free files)

Items are “made to order” so please expect your order to be dispatched between 3-5 days from the date of purchase. This is also depends how long your item will take to print. Some items take 6 days to print from start to finish. You will also need to take into account failed prints.
As always, we will do our best to ship out the orders as early as possible.

Please remember that 3D printed objects are unique and colours may vary due to the different filaments used. You may detect minor defects and visible layer lines – this is completely normal in 3D prints.

For now we have the following payment methods, PayPal, Credit Cards and Debit Cards. The prices are in US dollars (USD) the conversion is done automatically to the currency of your country.

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